Gamified ELearning Experience

Soccer is growing in popularity in the US. Although only 8% of Americans say soccer is their favorite sport, the US has been a key participant in recent FIFA tournaments.  It even hosted the 1994 World Cup and, believe it or not, achieved third place in the first-ever World Cup!  But don’t worry! This Gamified Learning experience educates learners about soccer referee signals. With the US, Mexico, and Canada, hosting the 2026 World Cup and California hosting the final match, it is crucial for individuals to familiarize themselves with referee signals to fully engage with the world’s biggest sport tournament.

  • Audience: Sports enthusiasts, People interested in soccer or in the 2026 World Cup
  • Responsibilities: Instructional Design, eLearning Development, Visual Design, Storyboard, Mockups, and Video production
  • Tools Used: Mindmeister, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premier Pro, Storyline 360

The problem and solution

Many soccer fans have been exposed to the game from a young age, but they often lack familiarity with referee signals, leading to confusion among spectators. Additionally, with the United States being one of the host countries for the 2026 World Cup, it is crucial to address the knowledge gap surrounding the game and referee signals. 

To tackle these challenges, I have developed a gamified eLearning experience that provides a visual representation of the most common referee signals. This interactive module not only enhances understanding but also incorporates a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) feature, allowing users to access additional information at their convenience. By engaging with this educational resource, soccer enthusiasts can improve their comprehension of referee signals and deepen their overall enjoyment and appreciation of the game.

Instructional Design Soccer


I took full ownership of the project, overseeing its complete design process, starting from concept ideation to storyboarding and development. To ensure accuracy and authenticity, I extensively reviewed FIFA’s Laws of the Game as a foundational reference. Additionally, I sought the expertise of a former soccer referee who served as my Subject Matter Expert (SME), providing valuable insights and guidance throughout the project. By leveraging these resources and engaging with knowledgeable individuals, I ensured that the project was meticulously crafted to deliver an accurate and comprehensive learning experience.