about me...

The Wonder Years!

Hello, my name is Lucy Aguilar Martinez! 

I have a unique background that has prepared me well for a career in instructional design. 

I came to the United States from a town near Mexico City when I was 15 and attended Splendora High School.

Transitioning to the US as a teenager was hard. I lacked the language skills, but I still managed to graduate as the 17th-ranked student in the class.

The TV Years! Not a celebrity, though.

During the 2004 summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Telemundo. Initially, I aspired to be a writer within a news organization. However, my experience at Telemundo made me realize that my true passion lay elsewhere.

Following my time at Telemundo, I transitioned to KAZH Azteca America, where I began as a Master Control Operator and eventually took on the role of Web Content Administrator. 

As a master control operator, my main responsibility was to monitor the signal and record programs for future use. I diligently followed the broadcasting log and made necessary adjustments whenever required. It was crucial for me to ensure that our operations complied with legal guidelines at all times.

I truly enjoyed my role as a Web Content Administrator, where I managed the KAZH website. It involved working with Spanish-speaking colleagues in Mexico City and English-speaking web administrators from Pappas Telecasting. I collaborated with departments like promotions and sales and utilized my graphic and multimedia design skills. It was a fulfilling experience that allowed me to combine effective communication, technical expertise, and artistic flair.

The Teaching Years!

With my experience working at a TV station, I have consistently brought a unique set of skills and creativity to my teaching practice. Right from the start, I took the initiative to design my own slide decks and curate educational content, even before the implementation of a Learning Management System (LMS) in my school district. Going above and beyond, I utilized my graphic design abilities to create visually engaging materials, while also leveraging my video production skills to develop captivating video content, enabling my students to immerse themselves in the process of learning a new language.

In addition to my teaching experience, I had the opportunity to make a significant impact as a curriculum developer. Specifically, I took on the responsibility of writing the curriculum for Spanish 1A at the Houston Independent School District. This involved revising the Scope and Sequence and aligning it with the State Benchmarks. I then crafted clear and measurable objectives that directly correlated with the benchmarks. To bring the curriculum to life, I designed comprehensive lesson plans and engaging activities that fostered effective language learning. It was a rewarding experience to contribute to the educational journey of students by shaping the curriculum to meet their needs and promote their success.

The Entrepreneurial Years!

In 2016, my husband’s dream of becoming a business owner came true when he opened a small residential cleaning business called Cleaning Maids Houston. I played a supportive role by initially assisting him in writing the training manual and personally training the cleaning technicians using the Speed Cleaning technique. Subsequently, I took on the responsibility of creating a range of learning materials for blended learning, including PowerPoint presentations, micro-learning videos, and, more recently, e-learning modules. In addition, I provided valuable recommendations for non-learning solutions such as job aids.

And Life goes on!

I find joy in playing soccer, going for runs, and chasing my energetic preschooler throughout the house. My life is never dull with three crazy dogs by my side. I love exploring new destinations and immersing myself in the captivating world of Mexican soap operas. I am fortunate to share my life with the amazing Mr. Martinez-Gracida, who fills my days with love and happiness. 

But you know what truly fascinates me? Doors. Yes, I find them fascinating. I can’t resist capturing their beauty in photographs because, behind each one, lies a mysterious story waiting to be told.